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Garden Route Animal Sanctuaries

Brenton Blue Butterfly Reserve

Where? Brenton On Sea, Garden Route.
Brenton Blue Butterfly Reserve, Garden Route
The Brenton blue butterfly, evident in late October until December, lives within one hectare of asteraceous coastal fynbos and its larvae depend entirely on the lower side of the leaves of Indigofera erecta for their food. ...

Jukani Wildlife Ranch & Care Centre

Where? Jukani Wildlife Ranch & Care Centre, The Crags, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route.
Jukani Wildlife Ranch & Care Centre, Garden Route
Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the big cats such as lions, cheetahs, Bengal tigers, leopard (spotted and black), jaguar, pumas, caracal and serval cats and other wildlife species. Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary is the only ...

Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary

Where? N2, The Crags, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route.
Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary, Garden Route
Holiday accommodation on the Garden Route is in high demand. And, for anyone that’s visited this gorgeous part of South Africa, that’s no surprise. It is such a fantastic place to see and stay and is home to loads of popular ...

Malachite Bird Hide

Where? Wilderness National Park, betwen Wilderness & Sedgefield, Garden Route
Malachite Bird Hide, Garden Route
Nature lovers and bird nuts flock to the Malachite Bird Hide, set in the Wilderness National Park along Langvlei Lake where you can see an outstanding array birds. This relaxing and comfortable viewing point is accessible ...

Monkey around at Monkeyland

Where? Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary, The Crags, Plettenberg bay, Garden Route.
Monkey around at Monkeyland, Garden Route
Swing yourself into a tree thick primate sanctuary and explore un-caged monkeys and pre-monkey species that take your affection captive. A free walking foot safari of Monkeyland transports you into a land of big bright eyes that ...

Raptor Rescue

Where? The Heath Complex, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa
Raptor Rescue, Garden Route
Visit the Bird of Prey Rehabilitation and Awareness Centre. This outstanding rehabilitation centre strives to raise community awareness of raptors and the impact of humans on their environment. We service the conservation ...

Reptile Encounters

Where? Garden Route Game Lodge, N2, Albertinia, Garden Route, South Africa
Reptile Encounters, Garden Route
If slithering snakes and all things cold blooded are your passion then you will thoroughly enjoy the Reptile encounters at the Garden Route Game Lodge. Chat to the in house Herpetologist (snake expert) and learn more about these ...

See the Pallingat Eels

Where? Stilbaai Tourism Bureau, Palingat Homestead, Still Bay.
See the Pallingat Eels, Garden Route
Visit the Stilbaai Tourism Bureau housed in the Palinggat Homestead in Stilbaai where you will see the only tame eels in South Africa fed in the fountain adjacent to the Tourism Bureau. These freshwater eels belong to the ...

Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre

Where? Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre, Forest Hall Road, The Crags, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route.
Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre, Garden Route
As one of the Garden Route’s wildest attractions, Tenikwa celebrates the variety and impressive beauty of some of Africa’s best wildlife species. But, more than just providing a safe home for these animals, Tenikwa is also ...

Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary

Where? Noah's Park Wolf Sanctuary, N2, Harkerville, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route, South Africa.
Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary, Garden Route
Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary offers a fun-filled outing for the whole family at affordable prices. The diverse collection of wildlife and farmyard animals will fascinate both children and adults alike. Make eye-contact with a ...

Visit Birds of Eden

Where? Birds of Eden, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route.
Visit Birds of Eden, Garden Route
Birds of Eden in Plettenberg Bay is the world’s largest single span aviary, just a few kilometres east of Plettenberg Bay in the Garden Route, where birds are free to fly free provides an incredible experience for those who ...

Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary

Where? R102, Storms River, Tsitsikamma
Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary, Garden Route
If you loved White Fang, you will adore this unique sanctuary. Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary is the only registered, non-profit centre in South Africa housing 80 beautiful wolves. The sanctuary was established in the year 2000 ...

Cheetahland at Cango Wildlife Ranch

Where? Cango Wildlife Ranch, Route 62 en route Cango Caves, 3km outside Outshoorn.
Cheetahland at Cango Wildlife Ranch, Garden Route
Cheetahland established in 1988 as a wild cat conservation camp is the oldest and biggest Cheetah contact centre in the world. This sanctuary to Africa's endangered cats is preserved in the Karoo's picturesque town of Oudtshoorn. ...

Drape a Snake around your Neck

Where? Cango Wildlife Ranch, R62 en route Cango Caves, 3km outside Outshoorn, Karoo, Western Cape.
Drape a Snake around your Neck, Garden Route
Slither through the Snake Park at the Cango Wildlife Ranch. Scale species surrender their secrets as you learn of their essential ecosystem engagements. Not on your usual guest list visit with Burmese Pythons, Ball Pythons, Black ...
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